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What we do

Young Voices Toronto (formerly High Park Choirs of Toronto) is a not-for-profit children’s choir based in the west-end of Toronto for youth ages 4-18. We are inspiring children and building stronger communities – one note, one song, on child at a time.

behind the scenes

What we offer


Nurture a deeper understanding of music and build a solid foundation for musicianship with our comprehensive theory program


World-class music education taught by highly-qualified professionals at a level of excellence children do not receive in schools


Opportunities to perform in some of the GTA’s best concert halls and see the world by touring nationally and internationally

University Connections

We are the Children's Choir-in-Residence at the University of Toronto


“The purity and absence of affectation in young voices is uniquely beautiful…the preparation and performance of the choirs was wonderful.”

D. Whitfield, Teacher

“Since 1986, the members of Young Voices Toronto have come together to share a mutual love of music. I am certain that many audiences you have entertained over the years have been inspired by the splendour of your voices as they unite in song.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Prime Minister of Canada

“It has been so exciting for us to watch [our son] learn and grow under Zimfira, Sheldon, and Tracy. His confidence and love of singing have been nurtured and he is always encouraged to set goals and challenge himself to reach them.”

Karen Farquhar Parent

“Thank you for promoting musical ability and inclusiveness among our community’s youth.”

Cheri DiNovo, MPP MPP

“This is the most innovative and bold children’s choir in Toronto. Their programs are challenging, searingly crystalline, beautifully voiced, rhythmic and a joy of performance.”

Keith Hart Parent

“… I have seen many choirs and choir directors in many countries, and I will stand on your coffee table in my dress shoes and say that what is happening with Zimfira Poloz is something special, something gorgeous, and anybody who supports what is happening will be well, well rewarded.”

Stephen Hatfield Composer

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