“Our kids have been singing with Young Voices Toronto for several years now, and love it as much as we do. Great music, excellent discipline and musical training, inspiring artistic staff, and a whole lot of fun, friends and deepening relationships amongst the kids!”   –  S. Shepherd

“I am very privileged to provide my recommendation for Young Voices Toronto.
I can say with high confidence that Young Voices Toronto is one of the most brilliant choirs I have ever heard. YVT makes beautiful music and there are many people that share my opinion.”  –  T. Joseph

“Young Voices Toronto was a wonderful experience for my son, who was in the “Early Bird” choir. The training was professional and the organization well-run, and most importantly, it was a fun and educational musical experience for all ages and levels of proficiency. I only wish it was closer to our current home, or I would still have both my children enrolled!”  –  M. Bella, local music educator.

“Young Voices Toronto offers the best Children’s choral training available in Toronto. Although singing is a natural expression for children, vocal training must be undertaken with the greatest of care. Few conductors and organizations appreciate this point. Young Voices Toronto offers children the opportunity for a quality musical experience coupled with structure and a great deal of fun.”  –  L. Harper