Choir Protocol


Members of the Young Voices Toronto are expected to participate in all choir activities including rehearsals, concerts, trips, special events and the annual retreat. For a list of the season’s rehearsals and events, please refer to the YVT Season Schedule. Details and reminders of these events will appear in the weekly YVT Digest.

Choristers are asked to arrive a five minutes before each rehearsal so that attendance can be taken. When an absence from a choir activity is unavoidable, choristers (or their parents) must notify us via the Online Rehearsal Late/Absence Form. The General Manager does not attend all rehearsals, so to avoid miscommunication, please always use the online form unless you do not have internet access.

Choristers are permitted up to three absences per term. Any additional absences will necessitate a review of the chorister’s membership status and may result in a meeting with the conductor and General Manager.

Leaves of Absence

Under special circumstances (i.e. prolonged sickness, serious injury, exchange trips, etc.) extended leaves of absence may be granted at the discretion of the General Manager in consultation with the conductor(s) involved. Requests for leaves of absence should be submitted in writing to the General Manager well in advance of the first missed rehearsal and should include signatures of parents or guardians.


The conductors of the Young Voices Toronto expect choristers to treat others with courtesy and respect and ask that they assume responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the rehearsal area. To cut down on the number of disturbances during rehearsal, choristers are encouraged to make use of washroom facilities before or after practice and to bring a water bottle (there is no water fountain at the church). Gum chewing, eating and socializing are not permitted during rehearsal, except during breaks.


Choristers will be assigned music each term. Choristers should bring the following to every rehearsal:

  • Sheet music in a three-ring binder or folder
  • A pencil
  • A water bottle CLEARLY labelled with their name (there is no water fountain at the church)

Any lost copies of music will be replaced at the chorister’s expense and are valued at current catalogue prices (a re-ordering fee will also be charged). Please report any such losses to the Rehearsal Coordinator or General Manager as soon as possible.

Music should be returned after the final concert of each term, in an envelope clearly marked with the choristers’ name.