The choristers of YVT are glad you are visiting this section of our website!  In order to keep our costs as low as possible, we depend on the generosity of our local community.  We have a place for you to help make a difference in the life of our youth.  Our volunteers include students, parents, arts administration student interns, music education students, grandparents, accountants, and others who do not have a family or professional attachment to the choir but want meaningful volunteering in their lives.

Please consider giving your time and expertise to us in one or more of the following ways: 

Rehearsal Attendant
Chaperoning retreats, concerts, tours, festivals
Fundraising Drives
Theory Marking

Concert Team:
Bake Sale
Silent Auction
Advertising and Promotion
Concert Management
Usher/Front of House

Beginning in September 2019, we will begin to have four Volunteer Chapters of YVT. Each chapter will have small tasks that pop up throughout the choir season. Won’t you consider putting your name forward to assist?


Fundraising Friends members of this chapter will assist with activities to raise funds for the choir program.

Promotion Pals members of this chapter will assist with the distribution of promo materials for events & recruitment.

Grant & Sponsorship Supporters members of this chapter will assist in researching, reviewing and/or grant writing.

Community Colleagues members of this chapter will assist in hosting events to build the choir community.

Fundraising Friends Promotion Pals Grant & Sponsorship Supporters Community Colleagues

Nicole Staples Dorey

General Manager:

Gena Norbury


Mary-Ellen Raynor


Ashley Hughson

e.g. compose a letter to solicit funding

e.g. deliver or post letters

e.g. Deliver promo package to three local schools

e.g. deliver audition/concert flyers to local companies

e.g. Spend a couple of hours researching funding opportunities

e.g. Review/provide input on grant applications

e.g. help setup for rehearsals

e.g. annual BBQ, bake sale

Board of Directors

Openings often become available on our board of directors. If you are looking for experience in this area, please connect with Gena                    Norbury at manager@youngvoicestoronto.com

Can’t volunteer?  Please make cash donations through Canadahelps.org. We are not-for-profit and registered to provide tax receipts.  Contact your employer about their Employee Matching Donation programs.

What other skills do you have that will help the choir? Photography? Marketing? Fundraising? Graphic Design? Recording? and whatever else we haven’t listed here? Your skills are needed!  For more information about volunteer opportunities with Young Voices Toronto please contact Gena Norbury directly at manager@youngvoicestoronto.com

Also see the “support us” section of the website for more details.