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Intermediate and Senior choirs will receive new uniforms, thanks to sponsors, private donor

Intermediate and Senior choirs will receive new uniforms, thanks to sponsors, private donor

Left to right: Senior girls' and Intermediate girls' uniforms


Toronto, ON, October 10, 2017 – With the Thanksgiving weekend behind us, Young Voices Toronto (YVT) is sharing something we're thankful for: both Intermediate and Senior choirs will receive new uniforms this year!

Thanks to two sponsorships and a major gift the choir has received through a current choir family, both Intermediate and Senior choristers will be out-fitted in new uniforms in time for the winter concert.

Arrangements for new Senior uniforms were already underway in September, as the result of sponsorship agreements with Henkaa and Business for the Arts (BftA). After the AGM, a family approached the choir and offered to make a donation to purchase new uniforms for the Intermediate choristers.

“The choir has provided our children with an outstanding musical education,” said the parents of the choir family. “We think the new uniforms will reflect the quality and professionalism of their amazing sound.” The family has chosen not to be publicly acknowledged for their gift.

In-kind sponsor, Henkaa, is supplying 15 girls’ dresses and 20 boys’ ties for the choir. Half of the value of that sponsorship will be matched by a cash sponsorship from BftA, as part of the arstVest program, which offers training to non-profit arts organizations in the “art” of sponsorship.

“Henkaa is proud to sponsor YVT,” said Sonia Dong, Program Manager at Henkaa. “Each girl in the choir can wear the same flexibly-sized convertible dress, always feeling comfortable and looking great when performing,” said Dong.

The choristers will debut the new uniforms at the winter concert, entitled This Christmastide, on Saturday December 16, 2017 at 3:30 PM at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church. Concert tickets go on sale in mid-November.

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