Choir Divisions

Young Voices Toronto offers different choir sections based on age/level.  At each step of a chorister’s musical journey with the choir, music theory will be taught at the appropriate levels using theory books tailored especially for our choir divisions. Theory is an important component for developing each chorister’s skill and each child will be responsible for completing their theory homework.

The PRIMO ensembles lay the foundation for the Young Voices Toronto family. These two 45-minute per week groups (the same on Tuesday and Thursday) provide young singers with the basics of healthy singing, ensemble music-making, and musicianship through games, singing, and movement. The groups are intentionally kept small so as to provide choristers with lots of individual attention. Singers in the PRIMO ensembles will perform a showcase concert at the end of the first term, and will join the older choirs in our Spring Concert.

Dolce I & Dolce II

In DOLCE I, singers begin to be exposed to the choral repertoire. These hour-long rehearsals are a combination of activity-based learning and a more formal choral rehearsal. As well as working on ensemble singing, choristers will work on the building blocks of part-singing and level-appropriate sight- singing skills. Singers in DOLCE I will perform a showcase concert at the end of the first term, and will join the older choirs in our Spring Concert. In DOLCE II, singers are expected to be growing readers, and confident singers able to match pitch, read simple rhythms, respond to basic solfege, and remain focused through the hour-long rehearsal. The focus of this ensemble will be on choral repertoire, beginning with unison pieces, and progressing to part-singing by the end of the year. DOLCE II will perform in our Fall and Spring Concerts.


CantabileIntermezzo Choir

Cantabile provides new challenges for choristers who have demonstrated commitment to their musical growth. Choristers sing increasingly challenging repertoire in a variety of styles, languages, and involves more complex part singing. Theory and sight singing continue in rehearsals, along with the expectation that some theory homework will be required.




Encore choristers work toward advanced vocal and choral technique and continue to develop independence through sight singing and aural skills. Repertoire is diverse and complex, often requiring singing in up to six parts. These choristers are offered exciting opportunities to perform and may include international tours and recordings, depending on the year. Choristers are expected to take part in the overnight choir retreat in August and participate in all tours.

In addition to the refinements made to the choir divisions, the choirs are embarking on new and exciting partnerships with both musical and non-musical organizations to raise our profile across the GTA and the country, and to ensure excellent opportunities for our choristers.