Choir Protocol

Young Voices Toronto members are expected to participate in all choir activities including rehearsals, concerts, trips, special events.  Choristers may not miss more than three rehearsals per term.

The majority of non-rehearsal communication is done by email. Please be sure that we have a current and accurate email address for you on file. If you do not have an email address, please let us know so that we can be sure to contact you by phone. Each chorister has a personal file folder into which we put music, notices, CDs and more. Choristers must check their folders at the beginning of each rehearsal.

Rehearsal Manager
The Rehearsal Manager is your main contact for any questions, comments or concerns about the Choirs, and is available by phone at (416) 762-0657 or by email at The Rehearsal Manager is also available in person 15 minutes prior to each rehearsal outside the main rehearsal hall, or at other times by appointment.